ATO Email – Changes to your SMSF Account

The ATO has recently implemented a new practice of alerting authorised SMSF trustees via email and/or text message whenever changes are made within your self-managed super fund (SMSF). If you have received this email for the first time you may be asking, what does this […]

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Government Budget

2020-21 Federal Budget Update – How will it effect you?

The 2020-21 Federal Budget is all about jobs, jobs and jobs. COVID-19 has resulted in the most severe global economic crisis since the Great Depression. This Budget provides an additional $98 billion of response and recovery support under the COVID-19 Response Package and the JobMaker […]

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Negative returns – looking for the positive?

Despite well formulated investment strategies and appropriate investment advice, no trustee could have foreseen the impacts of COVID-19 on financial markets globally. Whilst history suggests that a strong recovery is likely within a relatively short period after large market corrections, it is still too early […]

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