SMSF Administration

SMSF AdministraionRunning a SMSF isn’t easy. It takes time and effort to manage just the basics, such as keeping track of your portfolio, paperwork and ongoing compliance requirements. Added to this is the serious consequences of getting things wrong, finding a specialist smsf advisor and administrator to assist you with your compliance and reporting obligations has never been so important.

At smsf+options we can look after all your administration requirements so you can worry about the things that are important. Or for the trustees that would like to be ‘hands on’ we can simply lodge your fund’s income tax return. Flexible SMSF options is what we do.

Our administration services include

+ Daily, Monthly or Annual fixed fee SMSF administration
+ Preparation of Financial Statements
+ Preparation and lodgment of Annual Tax Return
+ Preparation of annual trustee minutes
+ Preparation of Member statements and preservation components
+ Facilitate and liaise with external auditors
+ Daily online access to your funds investment register and financial reports
+ Daily online comparison of your funds actual asset allocation vs your investment strategy
+ Maintain investment cost base history and current/future capital gains tax reporting

Additional services if required

+ BAS/IAS preparation and lodgement
+ Preparation of pension documentation & PDS
+ Lump sum benefit roll ins and rollouts
+ Strategic tax planning and retirement strategies
+ Technical consultation and advice
+ Breach rectification strategies including liaison with ATO
+ Estate planning
+ Trust deed reviews and update if required
+ Sample Investment Strategy

Our Fees

At smsf+option we have zero restrictions limiting the type of asset, bank or platform you can invest in; or the accountant or financial planner you choose to see. Our fees are not based on the size of your fund or the number of transactions. Our pricing is simply based on the availability of electronic data feeds from your bank or financial institution.

Electronic data feeds allow us to load your fund’s transactional data directly into our systems, reducing manual processing time and labour costs, while also allowing us to spend more time servicing you with up-to-date information.

Most banks provide this service free of charge, but to check if your bank or broker qualifies or for further information on data feeds, download the information pack below. If your account isn’t listed, contact us anyway as the number of feeds that become available grows faster than we can update the list!

Data Feed ListOur daily fixed fee administration service starts at $100 per month plus audit, which will provide you with online access to your fund’s portfolio 24 hours a day.

If your fund doesn’t qualify for the daily administration service, don’t worry we are happy to provide a competitive fixed fee quote for annual administration and will stick to it. Guaranteed.

The important thing to know is we are 100% independent from any bank, financial planning or accounting firm, so you can trust that your best interest is ours.

Next Step

Your SMSF administration solution starts with the appointment of your own, personalized SMSF advisor. Contact us today.