SMSF Options - Hard day at the officeThere is nothing more exiting than waking up by the pool while on holidays, than checking out your super fund’s investments to see how they are going.

Okay maybe not that exciting for most, but the great news you could do this if you wanted to, no matter the time, or location around the world.

At smsf options we are based on the sunny Gold Coast, however our business operates in the cloud using Australia’s leading and most technical advanced administration software, Class Super. This allows us to engage directly with you and your fund with live data on a daily basis, no matter where you live.

Our online fund interface will provide you with reports such as:

+ Detailed contributions reports, including contribution caps.
+ Pension payment summary, including member minimum and maximum pension for the financial year
+ Daily investment summary and valuation of your fund assets, including all assets such as your fund bank account, shares and property
+ Investment performance reports
+ Investment income report
+ Realised and unrealised capital gains report
+ Asset strategy reports to benchmark your actual holdings vs your investment strategy
+ Financial statements

So next time you forget how much you have contributed to your fund for the year, or if you forget how much pension you have withdrawn, login to you fund on any device connected to the internet and check. It’s that simple.

And the best part is you can have all this from as little as $88 per month, fixed.

Contact us today for a no obligation, free demonstration on how you can save money and have better engagement in one easy step.





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